Friday, July 24, 2009

The Oklahoma Chronicles - Part 3

One of our day trips was to Woolaroc Museum, in Bartlesville. I've been there a couple times, dragging young son & his friends along. One must be intentional about exposing the young'uns to culture, especially since the invention of the video game.

life size mosaic at the museum entrance

Woolaroc is one those place you always take out-of-town visitors to see. It gives them a sense wild westernness.

You can't take flash pictures inside, but it was the outside that interested me anyway.

Interesting decoration on the door. There were 6-8 of these, all with different carvings.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped; lots of flowers, many other statues. The butterflys in the picture below were carrying on a courtin' dance, lemme tell ya!

Pretty landscaping aside, the joy of photography is discovering the unusual in the ordinary things of life. That's looking at the world throught the lens or "Life in Pixels."

This is my favorite shot because it appeals to my sense of fantasy. I could picture a little hobbit-like creature living here. (I think it was some kind disguised pump station, but no matter - I like my version better.

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