Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Five Most Annoying Social Network Citizens:

5. The Friend Collectors. These people aren't really interested in you. You're just another notch on their friends list belt. Don't be a statistic.

4. The Subtle Shameless Pluggers. Yes, it's all about networking, but really... It's one thing to openly promote your business or product; ok, you gotta make a living. It's the subtle hinters who are annoying. Just be up front about it. "Hey everyone, look at me!!"

3. The Gamers. They have nothing to say or do but play those lame games all day long and post the results. Or throw things at you. Or send virtual items. If you send me flowers, they better be real.

2. The PDA's. Public Display of Affection on the web. OMG, there ought to be a law! If you really love your honey that much, you'd be finding something better to do than write about it on FB. Or are you trying to impress the rest of us? Not buying it.

1. The Church Promoters. This is the worst cyber-citizen of all. This particular town is disgraceful enough with its church-hopping habits. Don't encourage them by endlessly plugging your services (especially see #4). Or maybe this is a passive-aggressive stab at your previous church? Either way, this is not a competition, people!!
I'm just sayin'.

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