Saturday, December 26, 2009


A few days ago I posted a list of 10 simple pleasures. I would like to amend item #10: the first snowfall.
The first snowfall this year did not come softly and gently. It was not magical. Well, not unless it was sent by some Harry Potter-type villian. It was extreme, agressive, nearly violent. I did not like it Sam-I-Am. I did not like the first snowfall. I did not like it, not at all!!

The wind was fierce, first assaulting last-minute shoppers with cold, biting rain, then stabbing ice pellets, then blizzardy-snow. Brrrrr! It created 2-3' drifts in front of our garage. We had to shovel snow just to get the car out. Christmas Eve services were canceled all over the state and travelers stranded. Many a Christmas tradition was broken this year.
  So, simple pleasure #10 (first snowfall) will be replaced with:
the warmth of a wooden deck under my feet in early summer.

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mwc said...

Our first snow wasn't near as 'evil' but I/ll take the sun drenched deck anytime !!