Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Ice Empress

I just finished my 4th doll - but my first all on my own. I bought a Patti Culea pattern & modified it a little. The costume just evolved as I went along. I had something in mind; in fact, I bought a certain fabric but ended up not using it. That's how the creative process works sometimes!When I saw the snowflake ornament for a miniature Christmas tree, I thought "winter fairy crown", then spied the feathery 'hair' and off we went!
All the fabric is from my stash. Which is one of the reasons I got interested in art dolls - I already have so much fabric & trims and thought this would be a great way to use them. I probably only have about $7 in this doll. Her 'skin' is a silvery-frosted white cotton. The bodice is a beautiful pearlescent sequined fabric. The skirt is torn organza covered in silver stars; the train is lame'. Trims are pieces of Christmas flower picks, as is her scepter.
I love Patti Culea designs. Her dolls are so whimsical; all arms & legs. I didn't achieve the big rounded eyes, but her signature Angelina Jolie mouth is there.
This was such an enjoyable project and completely relaxing as I sank into my colorful fantasy world of shiny, sparkly, funky little creatures!

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