Friday, November 27, 2009

Lights On at Utica Square

Hope you all had a wonderful Carbs 'n TurkeyFest Day, full of joy and thanksgiving for the good things in your life. After our family feasting, we decided to join in a local tradition - the Lights On celebration that officially kicks off the shopping mayhem of the season. It takes place at an upscale, outdoor mall in what I affectionately like to call "Old Money Tulsa." Some of the stores had beautiful holiday displays. Some were more understated, but ready to receive your cash nonetheless.
This has nothing to do with the holidays or Lights On; I just absolutely loved this woman's profile. Lights were on in this parking garage.Lights were on in this old fashioned phone booth. It actually works. Quite charming.Lights were on the statues outside PF Chang's.Lights were on in the sky. The moon peeks through some remaining leaves.The street lights were on and illuminating a tree strung with miniature lights. Just waiting for......the Main Event! Fa La La La La!
And so it begins.

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