Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Duck's Tale

I'll give you a little pause from our Search for Fall and tell you a story, A Duck's Tale, so to speak.

We went on a hayride / cookout with a group of friends. While everyone was feasting, I wandered off with my camera - In Search of Fall, of course. The property had a good-sized pond so I was looking for something interesting to photograph, when around the bend came this little flock of ducks. (flock? gaggle? herd? what's a gang of ducks called?)
  When they turned the bend and came into view, something by Wagner should have been playing! It was quite dramatic.
In perfect unison, as if they were performing a synchronized swimming routine, they turned & looked my direction.

They started to swim past me, then all of sudden turned my way.

Apparently a discussion took place on what to do next... "should we go see what she's doing up there?"
A decision was reached and they began waddling up the little bank.

They didn't come very close before they realized I was holding a camera and not treats. "Aaack! I thought you said Pizza! Waak-Waak! No, I said Papparazzi!"

A committee meeting was held. It was a bit shorter than most committee meetings I've witnessed, I'll give them that.

A vote was taken and a decision made.

They flipped me the bird tail and back into the water they went!

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