Sunday, November 1, 2009

*TOC: Oklahoma Choo-Choo

*The Oklahoma Chronicles
This posting is especially presented for my Ohio friend, who loves anything train-related.
In my previous blog, I showed a picture of some train tracks we crossed last week while on our search for fall colors. Today, (and what a glorious start to November it was - nearly 80 degrees, mind you and not a cloud in the sky!)... today, we took another country ride and happened on those same tracks, this time with a train about to pass by.

We went on about our way, enjoying the warm sunshine and drove over to Fort Gibson (those pictures next time). While strolling the fort & being regaled with tales from a local old-timer, we heard the train whistle and there it was - the same one.I have never stood this close to a passing train. I was amazed at the speed. It was kinda scary, but thrilling, too.
The train had just come thru this very neat, old rusty looking bridge.

Next to it is a vehicular bridge. I added a warming filter to these photos. Maybe a little too much, but I remember the day in these warm, autumn tones.

The bridges cross....umm, you know, I'm not sure what body of water this is. But it was very pretty!

Tools dropped along the tracks.

We walked out about a quarter way on the train bridge. I asked The Man, "what if a train comes?" His answer: "run like crazy!" Then we decided it must surely be illegal to be on the bridge anyway.

Yeah, then we saw the sign!

"The road goes ever on and on." (a little Hobbit poetry from LOTR)

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Anonymous said...

great photos. i love the one with the warm filter and the curve (last one). my husband worked with the railroad and i would sometimes go to the yard and the power you would feel of the trains is amazing! i have GREAT respect for them. enjoyed your search for fall.