Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Trippin'

Better get these last few autumn color shots in before the first freeze, which the weather-wizards have been prognosticating all week.
Right about the color-peak we took a little day trip to the Ft. Gibson / Talequah area.A view of Ft.Gibson Dam. Why are dams so darn fascinating?

Talequah is the capital of the Cherokee Nation.
The street signs are written in both English & Cherokee.
A little park in Talequah. Aren't those stairs interesting? Wonder where they go?Lest you think we don't have hills out here...!
Remember my Great Bison Hunt? I finally found one. Not on the wondrous Tall Grass Prairie of northern OK, but in someone's yard around Ft. Gibson! I made my husband turn the car around and go back so I could snap this picture. He's such a trooper when I'm being Miss Daisy.
This must be the Bison's BFF. How would you like to pooper-scoop this yard?

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