Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of The Laiquendi

I believe this Elf-maiden is of The Laiquendi, also known as the"Green Elves" of Ossiriand, according to Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Ossiriand is the Land of the Seven Rivers and is said to be full of light and music in the summer. You've never seen a Tolkien Elf with wings, you say?

Dost thou indeed think Peter Jackson is the final authority on these fair folk, beautiful and mysterious as they are?According to The Silmarillion, the Green-elves were of the Teleri, the third and greatest of the three hosts of the Eldar on the westward journey. They called themselves Lindar, the Singers. As they approached the Misty Mountains on the East, a group decided to remain in Middle-Earth. The Quendi are rarely seen anymore, now we are fully in the Age of Men, and the times are of anger and darkness. But a rare sighting does bring a moment of beauty and joy and remembrances of a fairer age.

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