Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Our final assignment for Photography Level I was a photo scavenger hunt. We were given a list of 19 items & had to find at least 15, shoot, print & present to the class. There were 2 lessons I already knew before taking this class: [1] the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know anything. [2] there's a story behind every picture. Everyone had wonderful photos to show & they all had an interesting story to tell, too. So here are a few of the shots I presented & a bit of story about them.
Something Purple: aren't you impressed by this Marc Jacobs purse? I have a Prada also. Just love saying that. They were presents from my dear friend who spent about 2 years in China. You guessed right - they're well done knock-offs. Heavens, you know me - I would never pay more than 20 bucks for a purse!A Yard Ornament: just a little something from my front flower bed (actually, rock bed - it's so shady, nothing grows there). She's reading a book; an angel after my own heart. I really like the meloncholy tone of this shot. A Feather / A Reflection: ha, I got a TwoFer with this one. I really shot it two different ways; one with the reflection in focus & one with the feather in focus. I thought about trying to pass it off as a ThreeFer since it's also purple!A Tall Building: The building complex formerly knows as City of Faith, shot from The Riverwalk shopping center. The instructor thought this was the "reflection" picture. It was her favorite out of my portfolio and she said it should definately be included in any future portfolios I may do. However, it's not my favorite at all. I think it's kinda ho-hum.Moving Water: This is a waterfall at the entrance of the above-mentioned Riverwalk. One of my favorite lessons was how to photograph water. Sure would've come in handy when we were hiking to all those waterfalls in the Smoky Mts.A Time Piece: My husband has a collection of clocks in his office. Since he's the Missions Director, one wall is covered with an oldworld map motif. This is the first picture I shot & in the preview window, it looked terrible. I arranged the clock in various ways with the map-wall behind it; but when all was said and done, it was the first shot I liked best.Athletic Equipment: Conveniently for me, all I had to do was walk down the hall to the school's gym for this shot. A Neon Sign: According to my linear-thinking brain, we should go thru the entire course, learn everything she had to teach us, then do the scavenger hunt! Which I did and which caused me to spend a weekend trying to get everything, process & print it. Gee, did that bring back high school memories of doing last minute projects! Fortunately, my workplace provided at least 3 of the required shots, this neon sign being one of them. It's in the kids' building Soda Shoppe.Mechanical Equipment: Every time I pass this company on 51st St. I think what a fun picture those things would make. This assignment gave me the motivation to finally stop & snap one.A Penguin or Buffalo Statue: You remember my luck finding buffalo last summer? Forget that! Penguins are a-plenty around here! These statues were part of a Zoo fundraiser campaign a few years ago. Companies bought the plain penguin, then painted them however they wanted. This one stands in front of a cell phone co. I liked the vivid colors of this one better than the Empress Penguin from my previous post, so I chose him for the presentation.An Animal: Hellooo, not just any animal would do! Of course I would choose my Blu2!! And did he ever have fun this night. I was bribing him with chicken to stay put in the chair. After each shot, he would jump down & run to the kitchen, and we'd repeat the process. He thought it was a great game. During the critique of my presentation, he got the most comments & questions. And while I enjoy showing him off, that was not particularly encouraging, ya know?

The next class was already full when I tried to register, so I have to wait til August to do Level II. But that's ok; I need some time to absorb all the info from this one. More adventures to come!


mwc said...

All great photos Connie...I think my favorite is the moving water. The manlift one is great shot but reminds me of work too much... I operate one occasionally haha

Julie said...

Would love to hear more about the process of filming moving water, please.