Thursday, June 9, 2011

This is Why I Sew

I must interrupt my series on tablescapes to ramble about summer fashions.

I forayed out this morning on the long-procrastinated hunt for summer clothes. Why do I procrastinate, you wonder? Shopping for summer clothes is not happy hunting for me. And, since this is my blog, I'm going to tell you why.

#1. Let's get the obvious out of the way. Summer clothes don't hide anything. "Nuff said, right?

#2. Then there's the additional grooming upkeep - toes, feet, legs; you get the picture.

#3. Along with #2 is body color. Let's see, shall I take my chances with natural UV rays, tanning beds, or orange spray-on? Oh, what the heck - in Scarlett O'Hara's day, alabaster white was the sign of a well-to-do lady.

#4. This one is personal taste and it's two words: ugly prints. I think the prints in the last few years have been butt-ugly. But that's just me. If you like them, great. However, I do like summer citrus-y colors but I didn't find a lot in solids or pretty prints. And I love greens, which unfortunately, make me look green too. In fact, all the cute styles that I did like were either in butt-ugly prints or greens & golds which are most unflattering on me.

By the way, are there more of those "other season" people in the world than my "season"??? If you don't know what I'm talking about, a decade ago there was a fad where someone held up color swatches to your face, determining what looked best on you, then declaring you a "summer, winter, spring, or fall". Women began asking each other "what's your season" instead of "what's your sign." (Men didn't pick up on that fad) Naturally everything I like is not in "my season."

Moving on: Let's talk footwear. I saw a pair of "sandles" at JCP that - I am not making this up - were simple flip-flops garnished with a distressed blue suede flower. Price: $54. Fifty-four US dollars. For many people, that is 6 hours hard-earned wages for a pair of flip-flops. Or a tank of gas or a few days groceries. For a pair of flip-flops. Do you get my point?

Like most women, I love the strappy footwear and am especially fond of cork wedgies. But why are the cutest ones 4" high? Adding to my dilemma, I have a wide foot & high arch. It's really hard to find comfortable, stylish, inexpensive summer shoes.

Moving up: Current styles. What flippin stupid designer thought plush women would look good in baby doll tops, gathered necklines, or empire waist tees? How would they like to walk around looking like a mother pillow ready to nurse a baby pillow?

And that, my friends, is why (1) I sew and (2) fall is my favorite season. I love fall weather, fall colors & fall clothes. I love sweaters & boots & plaid & long skirts and just the whole style of fall.

Finally, I observed something at JCP which amused me. They have metaphorically timelined a woman's life, from her teens to her golden years, by their department layout.

Starting at the cute jr. dept., keep walking and you'll go by the maternity wear. Next is the woman's dept, including plus sizes. Next to that is the workout gear. And right next door is the Alfred Dunner line.

And people wonder why I prefer to shop in the housewears dept. and craft stores.

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