Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heat Wave

Remember this? Lookin' pretty good right now. It's been over 100 degrees for the last - I don't know how many days but I think it's going into "weeks" now. Maybe months. Yeah, it's been over 100 for about 6 months now.OK,ok , it just seems like it. This was one of my two favorite snowfalls of all time. It's not last year's Snowmageddon. Mercy! that was something else. This one was January 2010. The snow was so moist & heavy it stayed for days on the trees. It looked like a fairyland. "Twas sooo gorgeous!My other favorite snowfall happened on or near the first day of spring 2010 (I guess that was a good year for snowfall!)I was at my very first art-doll-making workshop. The room we booked at the library had a lot of windows and we could see these huge fat snowflakes falling. We couldn't believe it would accumulate but it sure did. We got dumped on. Between the fun of creating & learning something new with a wonderful group of new friends and this gorgeous snowfall, it was a magical day. This is not the actual doll we made in that workshop, but one I made on my own afterward. I called her "Ice Empress".
OK, I feel much cooler now!

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