Saturday, July 2, 2011

Special & Fun

I had a fun & special thing happen recently. Another blogger whose site I enjoy was doing a "give away" from her blog. All you had to do was leave a comment and/or become a subscriber. Well, I did and I won! Now there's a special story about this - actually a couple.

I bought 2 afghan hound paintings about 6 years ago from this artist. Sometime later I discovered her blog. It's beautiful and I always feel uplifted after visiting "Create Beauty." From time to time, we've visited each other's blogs & left comments. I just love that this little connection has grown beyond an internet purchase of some paintings. This was the give-away prize. Isn't it lovely? Here's the 2nd part of the story... 2 days before she wrote the post with accompanying picture, I had a dream that I was a ballerina, but first I had to taken a written test. Dreams are interesting sometimes, aren't they? When I saw Violet's blog about the give away, I figured this painting was destined to be mine! But it gets better ~ When she emailed me that I had won, she jokingly wrote "should I add an afghan hound to it?" Of course I responded how special that would be but it was up to her. Well, she did! I just love this picture and all the more because of Violet's sweet spirit and special touch. I hung it above my work area for inspiration. Thank you, Violet!I got another little bit of whimsy last week. I saw this miniature "dresser" at HbyLby on the clearance shelf. It was stained a dark color and has brightly colored ceramic drawers. I think it's supposed to have one missing (there were a couple other ones on the shelf, also missing a drawer). It adds to the whimsy factor. I painted it to match my storage dresser (formerly my baby son's changing table-dresser). What do I store here? It's a great place to stash my supply of embroidery stabelizers, glue sticks, and serger thread cones.Silk paints, brushes, and silk blanks go in the middle drawer.It's handy and has sentimental value! SO ~ there ya go, a couple simple pleasures in the week.

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"Create Beauty" said...

Oh what fun to see this!!! I am so glad you are enjoying your ballerina/afghan hound/Paris art!

~ Violet