Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Vacation: Part 1 - "The Pilgrimage"

I love October! It's my absolute favorite month. We took a week off and got out of town for a few days. We had such a great time and I finally got to see a very special place.
Do you recognize it?
Here's another hint.
Yes, I have finally made the pilgrimage to Graceland!
Understandably, you can't take flash pictures inside, so these won't look really great. I did a couple of them in b/w to get around some of the blah color.
'Course there's not much you can do about the color in this room! Elvis, I love ya  man, but this was rather tacky! Everything in the pool table room is covered in this late  60's green/gold/red paisley print. The furniture, the walls, the tablecloth and especially the ceiling. The fabric is gathered to a big ol' covered button above the Tiffany lights.
This is mirrored-wall bar area with glass shelves. Thought it made an interesting picture with the reflections.
Elvis converted an old smokehouse on the property into a shooting gallery. These old bike wheels must have served as a rustic style decor. I liked the look of the brick, the rust, & the dust.
The building housing his car collection was really interesting. 
Rolls, Caddies, Lincolns, a Harley and cars I've never heard of were on display.
The pink cadillac Elvis bought for his mom.
Pink Cadillac Magnets in the auto collection gift shop. Each area of the Graceland Experience ended in spectacular gift shop. The tour included the main house, detached buildings (Vernon's office, the racquetball room, the car collection, trophy room, etc.) Each gift shop was unique in that the gifts matched the theme of the display, i.e. classic Elvis, later years Elvis, etc.
The King had quite a collection of gold & platinum records.
This particular album was one of my favorites. It was my only exposure to gospel music. Not that I'm a huge fan of gospel style music (unless it's Elvis) but this is how I learned some of the classics. I wore this album out listening to that angelic voice.
It was fun to see the fancy jumpsuits and many other outfits we've seen many times in photos, including Elvis & Pricilla's wedding outfits.
TCB - "Taking Care of Business" was Elvis' motto and he had jewlery made for his close friends and associates with the emblem. It appeard in other places too - like the tail of his jet. It was really interesting actually being able to board the private jet he had customized for personal travel.
Sad moment coming up...the picture above is part of a stained glass display in the Meditation Garden where Elvis & his family are buried.
 All these years later - it's still sad to think he's gone.
 Elvis Presley. What a unique human being. 

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