Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Vacation: Side Trip

This is the 3rd time we've made the trek east to the Smoky Mountains and the 2nd time the cotton was close to harvesting when we went thru west Tennessee.
Sounds goofy, but I'm just fascinated by the cotton fields. There were acres & acres, miles & miles of beautiful, white fluff.
The last time we passed through here, my husband noticed cotton balls loose along the highway. I was so excited, I asked him to pull over so I could jump out & get one. I put it in a little plastic bag & keep it here at my desk to remind me of how sweet & thoughtful he is.

So this time passing through, it was early in the day and we had time to take a little side trip. We went down a story-book country road lined with cotton fields on both sides. Oh my gosh, if I were a millionaire, I would've bought that farm on the spot. It was just the prettiest area and reminded me of summer vacations at my uncle's house in east Tenn.
See the pod and how the cotton bursts out. I don't know what I expected but I guess I didn't realize that cotton is just like the cotton balls we buy packaged in bags at the store (of course, they've been cleaned, etc)
So that's the little side trip story. Next we go from the cotton fields of Tennessee to an unbelievable mansion in North Carolina.   

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mwc said...

I too was impressed with the cotton fields the first time I saw them although they wern't at their peak when I went through..and just what is it about a barn full of drying tobacco that simply begs to have it's picture taken???