Friday, May 24, 2013

A Snapshot of Main Street on the Prairie

Welcome to Broken Arrow, OK!

A wonderful old depot used to be at this spot when we moved here 30 years ago. Many attempts were made to restore it, but it was too far gone. They saved as much as possible, leaving the grain elevator, the RR tracks, building a museum and a pretty plaza where the depot stood. On the weekends, it becomes a farmer's market full of beautiful, locally grown produce.

 Patriotism is part of prairie peoples' hearts.

This is Main St at about 7pm. Not exactly hoppin' but clean & safe. The city fathers have done a lot to spruce it up. Little shops, businesses, & restaurants are probably struggling more than the suburban shopping strips, but they're determined.

The Rooster Days Festival is still going strong!

There's something for everyone...

On the way home, I saw somebody enjoying a lazy ride above the country road.

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mwc said...

Once again a great photo of an unlikely subject .. Love the photo of the benches. They are all great shots but I just love simple subjects when done with taste !