Sunday, May 26, 2013

Old Trains Make Great Pictures

Just a few more pictures from my wanderings around Broken Arrow.

Across Main St from the Old Depot was one solitary train car. I saw an opportunity to get some close up shots of wonderful, industrial rust & dust.

I love rusty stuff. It makes great pictures. I'm tempted to do some lomo effects on these but I really just wanted to show the train in its natural state.

I had fun with this next picture on Facebook. Just posted the picture, no explanation. The responses were funny!

An upshot look at the old grain silo.

This stack of signs was posted on the silo. It was neat to get so close to something I've just passed by for years. And those signs? I'm thinking I should print this shot, laminate it & wear it as a warning lanyard some days.... like today!

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mwc said...

hmm In this set I was leaning towards the couplings as my favorite BUT I think the rusty brake wheel wins my