Friday, December 27, 2013

A Song of Ice and....Only Ice

I'm such a geek for the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire - also known as HBO's series, Game of Thrones. "Geek" is probably a tame description; obsessed might be more accurate :)

Ice and winter are central components to the story. When winter comes, nobody knows how long it will last. It awakens dormant, scary beings called "White Walkers." Just before Christmas, we had an ice event. Not really a storm, it just steadily rained all night, freezing as it fell. We were fortunate not to lose power and to just be able to appreciate the magical beauty of an ice covered world - one without White Walkers and knowing it will soon melt!

The neighbor's tree always does this thing of creeping towards our deck when it's heavy with ice. It's kinda eerie. A couple of these branches eventually broke under the weight.

The ice stayed around for almost 4 days! It was odd to be able to go out & about, with everything around you absolutely glistening.

I took a lot of pictures. It's so hard to choose which ones to post, but I suppose to you, one ice covered tree looks pretty much like the other.

Our internet is really slow tonight and photos are taking forever to upload. Will try again tomorrow. In the meantime, stay warm!

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mwc said...

My absolute favorite time to be in the woods is when trees are covered with snow or ice. It's so quiet and serene.