Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice Pictures pt 2

Pictures just don't capture the magic! Everything looked like it was covered in silver tinsel, especially trees that had weeping willow type branches.

The first day of ice, I stayed inside. The 2nd day, I ventured out, but there was no sun to create the diamond effect. The 3rd day, the sun did come out but then things started melting. I had to pick one location and go for it.

I went to one of my favorite spots because it's close by yet has a lot of nature. It's a running trail that goes through a natural wetland area. It was so quiet, except for the sound of falling ice or the crunch when I stepped on ice covered leaves.

It was like the world was made of glass.

I took at least 100 pictures but tried to pick a few that represented what I saw. This was a special treat; being able to enjoy the beauty & quiet without the danger of ice.

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"Create Beauty" said...

How beautiful, the winter Artist created such intricate (yet temporary) beauty for your eyes and heart. Love your photos!

And of course, your sweet hound.

~ Violet