Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Old Motorcyles

This is a second-part response to my friend's blog about being bored with the "cookie-cutter" things of life. One of the things he would like to see is "more oddball" motorcycles. Hope this helps!

These were taken at the Motorcycle Museum in Sturgis, SD last month.

It's a wonderful museum! I highly recommend a stop there if you're in the area.

These pix are just a very small sampling.

As you can see, I was particularly intrigued with this bike. They said the owner loved bling and did all the fancy etching himself.

On the flip side, here's a bike that has seen better days.

But you know how I love to photograph rusty & rickety, er, "vintage" type items.

The museum had so much interesting history to share, not only in motorcycles, but photographs and advertising, too. The ladies restroom was very tastefully decorated in vintage pictures of women and their motorcycles & gear. The exhibit rooms were themed by eras, with one room being dedicated to women. I had no idea how common women bikers were was in the 20s-40s!

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mwc said...

One must only seek and you provide ! Beautiful shots, beautiful bikes. Thank you thank you thank you !