Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zoo 2

This post is for the birds.

Not really :) But it's about the birds! The birds of the Zoo. Don't you love the expression on this little guy above? I can think of a couple different captions. He's in the "Desert" exhibit but I don't know what he is.

Opposite of the desert is the artic. Most of the penguins were hiding while a worker cleaned their area. Two little guys stood by and supervised her work. (Again, having to shoot through glass!)

Oh the flamingo flock! Their plumage is sooooo pretty. I've never just stopped and watched them interact. They go through some interesting gyrations.

That's the beauty of intentional photography; at least for me - I see more through the lens than I do just strolling through life.

The whole flock was resting, heads burrowed, one leg up. Then one would lift his head, honk, and the whole flock would change positions. After a about 10 minutes, they would repeat the process. It was very well orchestrated!

I heard someone ask a worker if she could keep a feather she found. He answered that it's against the law and carries a fine up to $2,000! They are exquisite, but, no thanks!

I don't know anything about birds, but I assume the brown one is a youngster and hasn't colored out yet? There were two in this peach & white field of feathered fluff. Talk about needing to have self-confidence!

I took a lot of flamingo pictures, trying to capture their beauty and ballet-like form..

I have no idea what this next fellow is. He looks like a hybrid cousin of the flamingos.

Polly want a ...?  Nah, too cliche!

One more set of artsy shots to come and then maybe I'll finally get some of my Dakota pix up. Check back!

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