Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zoo Pix!I

I wanted to practice my photography and thought the zoo would be a good place to do it!

It was a beautiful morning and the animals were enjoying the sunshine after breakfast.

The Meerkats are my favorite animal. So much personality! I spent a lot of time watching their antics. Unfortunately for me, they are behind glass, but I think I got some decent shots in spite of that.

I used to be a K4 aide and we would take a class field trip to the zoo every April. It was fun, but this day was so relaxing...enjoying the animals, the beautiful new landscaping, and my camera (and not trying to corral 20 little humans!)

Could this lion have been any more cooperative? Handsome face uplifted majestically towards the sun! Thank you, King Leo!

I tried several different approaches, but the elephants aren't quite as photogenic. Fun to watch them munching breakfast, though.

This was a bit eerie. The chimp absolutely knew I was there and taking pictures. He seemed alternately coy and annoyed. I couldn't help but think about the recent "Planet of the Apes" movies.

These little monkeys were really into a grooming session. I expected the one on the left was about to pull out a tissue & spit on it, mom-like, any second.

The Grizzlys are named Butch & Sundance. They are guests in Tulsa while their home in SC gets a makeover.

This is a very rare animal! I was lucky to get a picture of him.

I have another set to share. Come back!

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