Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Look Back at High School

I love photography as an art form. I'm amazed how good photographers can capture ordinary people and everyday objects in such a way that they look absolutely precious, important, and unique.

Every human being is precious, important, and unique in God's eyes. But as we bustle through our day, we look right past them. The artists who specialize in people photographs are blessed - through the eye of their lens, they're seeing what God sees.
I know the pros try to get their finished shot from the camera. But I really have fun manipulating the photo on Photoshop Elements (someday I'll graduate to the Big Boys Photoshop). So I aim for interesting composition, thinking ahead how I might play with it later on the computer.

Here's the story on the following pictures: last month I visited my family in Ohio. I heard that my old high school was being torn down since the new one is finished and the kiddos are settled in. My sister took me to see our old school. Our grandmother, our dad, and all our siblings graduated from here. The 2nd floor hall was lined with the class picture of every graduating class since (I don't know - the 20s or 30s). It was so neat to see my dad & grandma's picture everyday and know that mine would be there, too, someday.
We picked up some scraps of the brick as souvenirs and took some pictures. It makes me sad that my sister had a very rough time in school. She's one of the most beautiful souls I know and deserves only goodness from life. I had a great high school experience. Good friends, fun times, happy memories. So to see the building like this was a bittersweet moment. I met my husband in band camp our freshmen year and for me, it was love at first sight. It took some doing to convince him, but what he didn't know at the time is that I always get what I want! He didn't stand a chance :)

This is the cafeteria door. There's quite a bit of personal history in this photo. In our junior year, my locker was hidden behind this door when the cafeteria was open. It made a great rendevous spot before classes started in the morning, if you get my drift.

This is a piece of ornamental architecture from the school entrance.

The trip home was great (funny how we still call it 'home' after all these years). The weather wasn't very cooperative and I didn't have as much time as I'd like for visiting loved ones and just going out getting shots. But I'll post a few more stories and pictures later. I'm looking forward to my next trip specifically for taking pictures. The Ohio River has the most interesting bridges anywhere.....

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