Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aliens & Afghan Hounds

I love Afghan Hounds. Sometimes I think they might be an alien life form because they don't act like other dogs. They're very intelligent in an independant way, not the usual canine subservient way. Each one has a unique personality. I've known some that are very reserved, and some that will plop right next to you on the couch - and I swear if they had vocal cords like ours they would strike up a conversation. They can be drama queens (or kings) and divas. I could go on, but now I'd like to introduce you to a personal friend - Blu2.

"hi, how ya doin'? Be sure to get my good side now. Grooming is my least favorite thing to do, but hey, gotta look good for the ladies. I really don't mind the bath but the brush out is a pain in the tail. I'd much rather run, run, run. I also enjoy sleeping, eating, chewing rawhides and taking walks."

"this is me doing my regal look. It's a reputation we have. We Afs are enigmas....we're aloof and regal, yet affectionate and clownish."

Blu's fancy name is Alutah's Shades of Blu. His mama's name is CH Wynsyr's Winnie the Blue. She's called Blue for short. Our son's favorite band is U2. Putting it all together, we came up with Blu2. Get it? I thought it was so clever.

"this was taken after a grooming session and during a long photo shoot. I was thinking here 'put the flippin' camera away and let me sleep!"

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Anonymous said...

I love blu2 too!

Bill and Scott