Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Needle & Thread

Machine embroidery. So many possibilities. Endless creativity. Why, it'll pay for itself as people will want to buy everything your little ADD mind comes up with! Should be simple. How hard can it be? The machine does all the work, right? Ohhh Noooo. It's like some gourmet french recipe. Got to have the right stabilizer to use with the fabric and the correct type of needle in the correct size, a certain weight of thread, the machine tension set just so, the planets aligned, aaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!! That's just on the machine. Then there's hooping. 

Getting your item in the hoop so the machine embroiders where you want it to and not with your name sewn at some weird angle. "Oh by the way dear, no one hoops anymore." WHAT? I didn't get that memo! I've been pulling my hair out for 3 years with the hooping thing. Then the snooty expert at the store says that to me when I asked her advice on a stablilzer. Well, thank the Lord that's over. No more hooping for this girl, lemme tell ya!

Now if you're really the self-destructive type, try to digitize a design yourself. It's so easy. Just buy this little program for many hundred dollars, point & click and it will automatically digitize any design you want. And by cracky, it does. Just look at that. What is it? Oh, well now you have to go in and move around all those little tiny square edit points. And it MIGHT stitch out the way you envisioned. I've been working on something for a couple weeks. I will win. I will not be defeated. I am off to battle now. Wish me luck.

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quilteddogs said...

I enjoyed your post. Glad you have discovered the wonders of non-hooping.