Thursday, October 11, 2007

Color My World

It's a blur. Life that is. Our life, specifically. I mean, thirty-three years - how did it fly by so quickly? Thank goodness it's not over yet! We're still fairly young. There's so much we still want to do. It took a long time & a lot of work just to get this far. I feel so sorry for people who did not choose wisely (as the old knight in Indiana Jones said.) I hate feeling regretful and the thought of looking back on a life of misery because you married the wrong person would make me nuts.

We had just turned 20. Depending on how you view things, we were either dumb-lucky or God-blessed. I know we've been blessed, but I also knew deep in my soul that he was the one for me. Can't explain how, I just knew it.

Happy Anniversary, Love
~ forever & always,
p.s. Color My World was the bridal march I chose for our wedding....

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