Friday, October 5, 2007

The Road Goes Ever On

But don't you wish you knew where it was leading? Sometimes the walk of faith is difficult. Especially for someone like me. You have to understand, I'm the person who reads the end of a book first. Then, once I know where we're heading, I can sit back and enjoy the story as it unfolds. So people who think Christians are pansies don't have a clue. This life is not for the cowardly.

Actually, that's not accurate either. Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light. We're the ones who make it difficult. A ministry we support once sent us a timely note. It said, "Stop trying to figure it out!"

Well, all that to say.... I'm having the need-a-vacation-blues. We've been fortunate the last few years to be able to go somewhere at least once, so I'm a little restless right now. These pictures are from our trip to the Smoky Mountains last year. My hubby even let me drag him to Rock City, a favorite childhood memory. Lots of curvy roads, stone bridges and beautiful garden paths. I think they nicely represent the unknown future.

I purposely desaturated these pix. I wanted to play with the color a little and was going for that ethereal, elvish, Rivendell look.

Oh! The blog title is from Lord of the Rings. Today I started reading "Children of Hurin" which is more of the backstory of Middle Earth. So beautifully written.

Have a great weekend everyone, wherever your road takes you.

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