Sunday, October 14, 2007

Insomnia and Chocolate Cake

It's 3:15 AM & I can't sleep! Aagh, I hate it when this happens. I even tried digitizing an embroidery pattern - that usually makes me sleepy when I work on it late. The problem is we had dinner with friends and she served chocolate cake for dessert. Coffee goes so naturally with chocolate cake that I didn't even think about the ramifications. And yowza, it was strong. 1-1/2 cups and the eyeballs go "BOING!" Hubby is sleeping like a baby. Coffee makes him sleep. We suspect the effect is similar to ritilan. Which has led us to wonder if he might be mildly ADD. Certainly hasn't hindered him in life - he's very creative and gets stuff done.
Time to make a list.
10 random things I like:

  • brand new socks - they're so soft
  • a brand new bar of soap
  • clean sheets & a fluffy comforter
  • crisp mornings
  • Chai Latte, no water, very hot
  • hot black tea, 2 Splendas, & milk - especially good when hubby makes it for me
  • going to Barnes & Noble, having a latte of some kind, good conversation, then browsing the magazines
  • a beautifully set table - linens & pretty china
  • road trips
  • watching Blu2 run
I'm still not sleepy.

10 things that annoy me:

  • not being able to sleep. I really enjoy a good sleep.
  • having my legs tangled in the sheets, pinned, or any kind of weight on them
  • Big-a$$ Suburbans or other large SUVs- especially when driven by women talking on cell phones
  • screaming kids at WalMart
  • loud people in the library
  • the weird sounding, mean bark our neighbor's dog has. Plus, it's an ugly dog.
  • extremism of any kind: from weather to religious beliefs
  • being scared. i.e. when hubby jumps from a hiding place. That really does make me very mad and he thinks it's hilarious. I know you're reading this. AND probably laughing!!
  • mechanical things that don't work. I have no patience with that.
  • items that come in ridiculous packaging. Like where you have to search the house for scissors, stab the cardboard backing and still wrestle with the stupid plastic part to where you end up breaking a nail or otherwise hurting yourself or throwing the item.
  • searching the house for scissors. oops, that's 11
Still not sleepy, but making progress. Getting cranky too, because I could add another 5 things to the second list! Better say night-night.

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