Sunday, October 7, 2007

Self-Expression or Self-Important?

So, the rants about people who talk loudly on their cell phone in public is pretty common. Don't really need to go there; we all agree on that one. Oh heck, let me complain a littlebit.

It really is ridiculous how much people are on the phone. What in the world did they do before??? How did they shop, drive, or stand in line w/o a cellular device attached to their head?My mom is a phone-talker - not cell but the old-fashioned kind. Growing up, dad used to complain a lot about how much time she spent on the phone. My little brother was born with a very slightly deformed ear and dad swears to this day it's because of all the time mom spent on the phone. She still loves to spend hours talking on the phone. Me - not so much. I cannot sit and talk on the phone. I only use it as necessary and then I have to be loading the dishwasher, cleaning, something. In fact I don't even have a cell phone. I don't need it in my present circumstances. If that changes, then I could see the benefit. But I will never be one to have it semi-attached to my ear.
But I digress. The other subject I wish to discuss with myself or my readers tonight is blogging. I've known about blogging for years. I've encouraged other people to start blogs, people that I knew had something worthwhile and beneficial to say. But I've only just now started one myself and that was because I wanted to post my photographs somewhere. Knowing they'll never see the inside of a gallery or published work (and believe me, I know they're not of that caliber) it's just really gratifying to be able to put them 'out there' somewhere for someone to see and hopefully, enjoy. At least it makes me feel good. What I didn't realize until now is how many people blog! And people write about the darndest things! It ranges from agonizingly mundane to truly fascinating.

So everyone thinks that what they have to say is something everyone in the world should hear/read. Talking loudly on your phone in public. Writing about the minutae of your life. I guess it's an outlet, creative or otherwise (like helloo - what am I doing here?!) but wow, when did we all get so important?

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