Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FIve Things

We watched a new tv show tonight called Decision House. We didn't plan to watch, just flippin' around & it caught our attention. The premise is that people stay in this house for 2 days to make a major decision. Tonight it was a couple married 26 years, on the verge of divorce. The wife was a pack rat. This was an issue in the marriage, but a very small one all things considered. (Without going into long detail) one of the exercises she had to do was choose five things to keep from a pile of stuff her husband brought from home - in 30 seconds. She cried because she couldn't choose. All the stuff was filling the empty spot in her heart where he was supposed to be.

Happy ending - they decided to save their marriage. But it made us ask each other, what 5 things in our house mean the most to us. This came up during the Hurricane Katrina crisis and our answer was the same this time. We don't have anything but our photo albums & dogs that we couldn't part with. We're blessed with a comfortable home, nice things, enjoyable hobbies - but nothing really valuable or irreplaceable. We've always believed in traveling light through this life.
Speaking of marriage - our anniversay is this Friday and we'll be married 33 years. Things are still pretty hot around here.....

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