Monday, October 8, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal......In The Gym

I went to the gym after work. I make this pilgramage...say, every six months. For me, working out is another one of those activities where all the conditions have to be right before I can do it on a consistant basis. And it never is. When we moved here, I belonged to a girls-only gym. It was feminine, elegant, the machines were all hydraulic. It had a separate room for aerobics classes and of course all the spa extras. The instructors all wore black leotards with a dancer's wrap skirt. Very high class. If they had stayed in business, I'm pretty sure I would be in great shape today. (no smirking). But nooooooo. They closed and we had to join another gym. Ugh. It does not meet my conditions or align with my planets. First of all it's co-ed. And I hate that it's so open. You can't hear your own ipod because the aerobics class music is blasting for everyone's enjoyment. And the instructors wear headphone mics so they can bellow over the music and we all hear "and 4, and 3, and 2, shake it out!" Some of the machines I like are right in front of the treadmills & bikes - SIDEWAYS!! Like I want the treadmillers to see my side body profile on these machines! There's no place to do warmups unless you want to get stepped on. Yet, I keep trying.

There is one thing I'm thankful for: the days of fitness fashion are over. Remember those? Fancy leotards & leg warmers with matching headbands. I remember a group of women who would show up for aerobics in full makeup, hair done up, headband in place, wearing the latest fashionable leotard. It was very competitive to see who could look the best while perspiring. Yay for sweats & t-shirts.

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