Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...and Heaven & Nature's Bling!

What a week! One of Tulsa's infamous winter storms drenched us in freezing rain Sunday night. Thankfully, the roads were still warm enough that they didn't freeze, but our poor trees! It looks like giants rampaged through the county, stomping on all the trees. Power outages all over the state. We were so fortunate to only be down for 8 hours on Monday. Our office has been closed 3 days; many friends just had power come on today and several are still without. Normally, I would get tons of stuff done being off on snow-days, but this time was very out of the ordinary. Life has just been 'on hold'. People have come over to visit, get warm, do laundry, check their email, sleep over, watch a movie. We were told the church's power would not be restored until late Thursday, so today we even had that phone line transferred to our number so people could at least talk to a person if they tried to call the church. And it rang constantly!

This is how my week began: I woke up Monday morning and looked out my bedroom window to see what all the ruckus was about all night long (did I mention there was lightening, too?). In the dim early morning light I saw the strangest sight and thought "what IS that?!?" It looked like a huge, white, tentacled alien crawling towards my bedroom window.
It was the neighbor's tree, so ice-laden the limbs were spread out on the ground. This picture doesn't even do justice to how ominous it looked at 6 in the morning, though. It really was rather frightful - but then again, I'm pretty foggy until about 10 a.m.

I went on to make the best of the day by capturing some of nature's psychotic beauty.

Hope you all are safe and warm out there!

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