Sunday, December 2, 2007


TIME, that is. It seems to be going at warp speed (that means 'very fast' for you non-Trekkies). The pictures below were snapped one year ago today. I had taken 3 days extra off work after Thanksgiving. When it snowed, the office closed and I got 2 bonus days. I loved it! Joe & Justin both HATE cold and pretty much anything associated with it, especially snow. But I say: bring out the cookie sheets! Light the fireplace, wrap up in your favorite soft throw & pop in a movie. That's how you celebrate the first snow!
a nature-made design on our roof
from a garden chair to a snowy geometric design
Blu2 & Harley loved it. They ran, rolled, and frolicked like two children.
They were covered in snow & caked in ice but they didn't care; they had a blast.

A year ago. So much has changed in the past twelve months. Buckle up, kids. The ride ain't over!

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HighDLife said...

YOu are correct, SCOOTER...