Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year End Ramblings

Haven't posted in awhile. I lent my camera to son, who spent the holiday with the Ohio fam. So in leiu of Christmas pictures, it's a good time to revisit some warm weather favorites on this very last day of 2007. Enough with the ice photos! Doesn't this bring back lovely memories of warm sunny days?

Truth be told, I'm not a fan of New Year's Eve celebrating, making resolutions, or goal-setting, so you won't find any of that stuff here. A five-year plan? Good heavens, no way. I can't envision 5 days ahead. And turning the calendar on Jan. 1 reminds me of the first day of school. A mixed bag of excitement & anxiousness; so much unknown lies ahead. Plus that huge stack of textbooks all starting on page 1 (didn't we just finish the Revolutionary War?) and mounds of homework: aaagh! we'll never get through all this!

Actually, I'm facing that anxiety already in the form of closets. Why does one project lead to so many more? Here's how it started: I got a beautiful new jewelry box for Christmas. Which meant transferring my stuff from the old one. Which led to sorting through sentimental pieces, junk that I've been saving for my future grandaughters, good jewelry, tangled necklaces, and assorted earrings with no mates. I have some pieces in their original box in my, ahem, lingerie drawer. Which opened my eyes to what a mess that is! And if you clean out one drawer, of course you need to do the whole dresser. And armoire. And closet. And linen closet. And hall closet. (Not that I've done of any this. It's just loooooming in front of me like some monster waiting to pounce.)

But that's not all. Putting away the special holiday dishes revealed what a mess that cabinet is! I need to buy some more of those quilted plate storage thingys and organize that cupboard. Which will lead to the rest of the kitchen and pantry storage. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! THERE'S MORE. Tomorrow is the day to take down the tree and put away Christmas decorations. Which, I know from 30 years experience, will begin another organizing/cleaning frenzy. Then January's cold, glaring sun always exposes six months of accumulated dust on the teapot collection and china cabinet. Another Saturday spent cleaning above & beyond the weekly chores awaits.

THAT's why I'm on here blogging before I go see a movie today. My phlegmatic gift of procrastination is the perfect balance to my organizational OCD.


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Buck up SOLDIER and get to work.