Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Night MindStreaming

Rock City, TN
SADI was so sad to hear about Tim Russert's death. He seemed like a decent person. The elections won't be the same without his commentary and whiteboard.

Star Trek Experience, Las Vegas
We're official Skypesters! How cool to be able to be able to talk to each other while he's on a missions trip and not be concerned about the cost. BONUS: we can see each other too! It does sorta remind me of scenes from 2001 Space Odessey. I could imagine HAL (DAVE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DAVE?) But it was Al, not Hal. Anyway, should have listened to my BFF, Deb, years ago. She kept telling us to sign up for Skype. When she's in China she'll tell me, "Bob skyped me tonight." Doesn't that sound like a prank? But I had a great time skyping Al tonight!

Chululy Glass Sculpture, Bellagio Hotel Ceiling
CREATIVE OVERLOADColor & Creativity have returned to my life in abundance! My new job is challenging and promises much future creative opportunities. The overload is coming from learning new software on top of tasks that are more detailed than my previous duties. Some of the brain strain is due to the fact that I've been doing basically the same job for 10 years. It would change enough to keep me interested but stay the same enough so that I always felt confident in what I was doing. But now there is SO much to learn and I just want to KNOW it now. Wouldn't it be great if we could just upload info into our brains a la The Matrix (but without the unsightly plug-in at the skull base).

Gemstone Display, Field Museum, Chicago (kinda looks like a brain, doesn't it?)

Is there such a thing? I love my hobbies but they're adding to the creative overload. There's Photography, Photoshop, Card-making, Blogging, Reading, my beloved Blu2, my new gym where I reward myself with 15 minutes in the massage chair... There hasn't been time to embroider, sew, or do any silk painting. Tuesday I wandered into a new bead shop by the gym. much beauty beckoned me; so much potential to create something new. The pretty little pink crystals and glass beads and glittering shiny things in all shapes, colors and sizes. Why yes they do offer classes. Must...Not...Take...On...Another....Hobby.... AAAAGH

Right now I'm reading the most fascinating biography of Golda Meir. I didn't intend to read a book about her but it was on the new arrival shelf and I was on a waiting list for the book I really wanted, so I picked this one up. So glad I did; I've learned a lot about Israel's struggle to become a nation and survive. I just finished "Charlie Wilson's War" which the movie was based on. VERY interesting. If you want to know just how far back the mess in Afghanistan goes, read this book. I have another one ready for pickup at the library and I'm on the hold list for 2 more. Plus here's the pile that awaits me at home.

My Bedside Book Stack

THE J.A.This person is still being my metaphorical photo. So much so, that after work today I went for some much needed...

I browsed around my FCS (favorite craft store) and bought a little crafty gadget at 40% off (part of the therapy is getting stuff on sale!) Then off to Barnes where I perused some magazines while enjoying a chai latte, grande, no water, extra hot. I came away much more relaxed and added another book to my reading pile.

new addition to The Stack

Ok, I think I'm streamed out. Have a good weekend out there!

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