Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ohio Chronicles: Chapter One

I just returned from a week in the Ohio Valley, visiting the Fam. The Valley lies between Ohio & West Virginia, with the Ohio River running through it. It's an old place, full of rusted steel and brick buildings covered in aged coal soot, but there is a kind of vintage beauty about it.Since I went by myself and the purpose was to just spend time with my family, I sweetened the deal by renting a Sebring convertible! That baby had 4 miles on it when I picked it up at the airport and 683 when I returned it. It was worth every penny.
God blessed me with perfect weather and that top was down most of the week!

I guess most people who leave their home town see it differently when they go back. Some visits it all looked simply old and ugly to me and I couldn't wait to leave. There were other times though, when I actually imagined moving back. This trip, the hills seemed especially beautiful and I think I managed to drive on every one of them! Memories came flooding back of Joey & I taking Saturday rides, sometimes on his little Honda 150, stopping for ice cream, talking about the future.
We had no idea the road would lead us where we are today. But over the next few blog-days, I'm going to take you back to the past with me.

The Ohio be continued.

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