Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ohio Chronicles: Cemetary Tour pt 2

Several months ago, I posted a picture that I found online of this particular monument. It was cool to see it again in person. This thing is HUGE!. My Grandmother told an interesting story; she said this man owned the local upscale department store. There are two women seated with their backs to each other (or maybe to him!) She said one represents his wife; the other, his mistress. When I repeated that story on my blog, it occured to me that perhaps this was another Grandparent Tall Tale and maybe I should not present it as fact.
As my sister & I were cruising through the cemetary, we happened on a caretaker. I asked her if this was the cemetary where the man & 2 women monument was located. She said it sure was & told us where to find it. I asked if she knew who the women were and she said......

one was his wife and the other was his mistress! Which one do you think is the wife?

They both look sad to me. And that dude is standing there in front of a cross looking all sanctimonious. I really wonder if he commissioned that thing for himself. I haven't discovered any more about it and there's nothing identifying the women. A mystery for the ages.
Below is an interesting monument in another cemetary located on top of a very high hill. I was looking for my in-laws resting place, which sadly, I never did find. I wish I had taken time to read the carving. From the dress, it must be very old. She almost looks like a sentinal, the guardian of the valley. Maybe she was a teacher.
And with that, friends, we conclude our tour of the Ohio Valley's historical cemetaries. Maybe a couple more chronicles, then time to move on to something else!

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Anonymous said...

My first glance I thought the first woman, but as I studied I believe the second. Cemetary has shuch great stories! I have enjoyed reading your chronicles.