Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Ohio Chronicles: Cemetary Tour

Ladies and Gentleman, we shall now begin our tour...

My sister was somewhat appalled that I was going to drive through here and take pictures. But then she got into it and shot a few pix herself.
I think we have relatives buried here somewhere. I just remember as a kid visiting with my grandmother, mom & aunts. Grandma was diligent about keeping her loved ones' plots neat, so that has to be the reason we were here. I've been intrigued with this particular cemetary ever since. You'll see why.My favorite photo of the group is below. It looked like a little fairy tale house at the end of a curving road. It's not a chapel; it's actually a mausoleum. I desaturated the picture a bit to give it Rivendell quality.
Just one more set of pictures to post. If you think these monuments are big, wait til you see what's next!

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Widney Woman said...

I love cemetaries and this one is amazing.

J has many family members in a cemetary in western Oklahoma. It was so meaningful to me to have that many people with my last name buried there. Considering all but 2 of my ancestors are buried in Trinidad, I don't have that sense of family existing through the ages.