Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet the Newbies

Two new teapots joined the family this summer. This whimsical cutie was purchased recently on shopping excursion to a small town nearby known for its antique stores. I knew it would look great sitting next to the Three Bears teapot. It was a Must Have.

This one was a gift from hubby, procured while on his summer mission trip to Spain.
Maybe it doesn't count as a gift, since I asked him to bring one back. But it's just so cool to have one from almost every country he's gone to. And I really, truly appreciate those teapots the most because I know what a sacrifice of love it is for him to shop, OCD-style, until he finds one! He never disappoints. No wonder I love him so. He's not a shopper or tourist and would rather just get home rather than take that last day of the trip to sightsee/shop with the team. Once the perfect (or sometimes, only) pot is found, there is the matter of packing it. In over 40 trips around the world, not one teapot has ever arrived to America damaged. What a guy! Never lost a team member. Never lost a teapot.

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