Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Night Mindstreaming

I think I'm gonna like having Mondays off.

"Experts" say you should keep learning new things; it makes your brain create new cells or neurons or something, thus warding off Alzeheimers. I must be making more new cells than my brain can hold. I'm learning a new embroidery software, taking a level 2 photography class, continually learning Photoshop & InDesign. And now, I have to learn EZ Worship software. No wonder I can't remember where I put my keys.

Heavenly rewards are not the same as heavenly blessings. Rewards are for what you did with your life. Blessings are a result of the goodness & grace of God. At least, that's how I understand it.

A Mom of multiple of kids will divide up a little cupcake into equal portions no matter how tiny the final piece, because she loves each of them. She just wants to bless them. But the children are also given chores appropriate for their age & skill level, and they are rewarded accordingly to that and the quality of work they did. The reward each child receives will not necessarily be equal.

So Jesse Duplantis says he's building a mansion with a Tara replica staircase, debt free, mind you, because God loves him so much & "just wants to bless him." That's exactly what he said last night at a service I was at. A newspaper article says it's over 22,000 sq ft.

The Bible says God is no respector of persons. So there should be thousands of 22,000 sq. ft. mansions popping up all over the world right now. If he had just said "reward" we wouldn't be having this conversation.

October makes me happy.

New books give me joy.

Time to absorb makes me calm.

Starting new projects makes me stall.

Finishing projects makes me satisfied.

Tomorrow we head out the door bright & early armed only with a Nikon & Starbucks.

End of mindstreaming.

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