Friday, January 21, 2011

Studio Tour: Before & After

Isn't she cute? I found her at a junk shop but she's a fairly recent Hallmark creation. Do you wonder what she sees from her little perch?I think she's in shock at the incredible mess stewn out before her!This is my sewing/craft room, my "studio" if you will. Before the holiday busyness began, I decided it was time to clean & reorganize. It was messy but not quite as bad as you see here. Almost. But not quite. This was after I began to empty out the closet where I had been carelessly stashing things. You know - open the door, toss in & slam shut before anything could escape. The picture quality is pretty bad because I was rather uncomfortable documenting this disarray for anyone to see.One of our friends in Tulsa Dolling Dames had her studio featured in a magazine. I thought it would be fun to take a tour of the doll club's creative spaces and volunteered to go first. So, here we go! This is a re-purposed metal bakers rack. I painted it white & washed it with tinges of pink. Cute containers hold a variety of tools, brads, punches & doo-dads. The wood bucket was on clearance in the garden section at the end of summer. I painted it & added the polka dot ribbon for trim. As you can see, I like polka dots. I made the skirt to go around my L-shaped work table. I'm so thankful for my hubby who gladly made the table for me, set up my computer & keeps it in good working order.The skirt hides the computer, wastebasket, and the sewing machine tote.There are shelves which hold white baskets of patterns, embroidery hoops, etc. The bakers rack holds all my scrapbook supplies. Next to it is a plastic shelving container with wide drawers for holding paper. I have two 4' folding tables, convenient to move around as needed.I have tons of scrapbooking supplies. I don't scrapbook - but I do like to make cards. There used to be a scrapbook store in town that had a quarterly garage sale where my friends & I would pick up all kinds of loot for next to nothing. I think I enjoyed the pillaging more than the actual crafting. However, when the card making inspiration hits me, I've got all I need right at my fingertips! For example - all my glitters & embossing powders are stored in this former-spicerack, painted white to match the bakers rack. Notice the crown? It's a large jewelry pendant, on sale at MFCS* (my favorite craft store). You know I couldn't resist.
At another junk store, I recently got one of those old boxes that used to hold print blocks. I've always thought they were so neat with all their little cubbies. It's holding about 1/8 of my stamps. The closet is outfitted with wire racks and this is where you'll find the Mother Lode. The Fabric Stash. Oh my goodness, you wouldn't believe the visions & dreams just waiting to be realized behind those bi-fold doors!! Clothes, banners, embroidery projects, art dolls, curtains, table runners, pillows.... You see, I used to work at a fabric store. Who can resist using their employee 20% discount, especially on things that are already on sale?! Should some dreary global catastrophe happen, I will at least have fabric to make throw pillows and dolls!!!And here's a wide shot of the clean & organized room. I have one more thing in mind to add - a long shelf to display future dolls, with a rod under it for holding bolts of ribbon.

The dresser was my son's when he was growing up. I painted it some fun colors & put colorful knobs on it. It's a sentimental piece that I can also use to store ... more stuff! The top drawer stores stabelizers and thread cones for the serger. The middle drawer holds silk painting supplies (yes, another hobby whim). The bottom is hiding a bunch of mementos and little knick-knacks that will probably be seeing a garage sale this spring. And finally, I have a shabby-chic chair for Blu to curl up in and keep me company.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my hideout!


Anonymous said...

oh my!!! fun tour, thanks for sharing

Sammie said...

Wow...what a transformation. I had a Hobby Room, too. It was my space. I like to scrapbook...and, I have made a few cards, probably not as nice as yours.