Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31 Weather Forecast (According to The Afghan Hound)

Hello, Blu2 here. Since everyone is a weatherperson today, I figured I'd throw my leash in the ring. So here's how I see it. First, gotta stretch. I've been lounging around alot in my chair lately.
Oh yeaaaah. That's better. Now, back to Snowmageddon. It hasn't actually started yet. These pictures were taken last year. Beats me why she never uploaded them. Because, well - just look at me! Pretty gorgeous, huh?So here's whatcha do after the first sprint around the yard.Not bad.This is one of my favorite spots. I can keep an eye on the birds and that durn possum that drops in uninvited sometimes. I ran that varmit off last year but I think he might have a rascal cousin. Anyway I can also watch the weather from this great bench AJ built for me.Yep, pretty good chance it's going to snow. So do what I do. Run around the yard like a crazy dog. Roll around in it some. Mark a few favorite spots (that yellow shows up real good on the white). Have another good stretch.Then get'cherself a nice warm quilt & curl up in your favorite chair.
Before you know it, it'll be spring again! Y'all stay safe out there.


Sammie said...

Blu is so beautiful. Sammie

mwc said...

Does Blu do spring predictions also?
Hes a lot better looking than Punxsutawney Phil (Pa) or French Creek Freddy (W.Va) Could become OK Blu. hahaha