Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Update from Blu2

Here's what they're calling it:Hey all - Blu2 here. I'm back with some thoughts on this crazy day. Turns out I was right. Oh yes ma'am, it snowed. Did it ever snow! Went out for my morning constitutional and saw AJ standing on my favorite lookout. Well, of course I ran out to join him, and wham - hit a snow-wall!! Lemme tell you, I spun around fast and took off like the lightening I am. Friends, I had to do some hiiiigh leapin' to get thru that stuff! And I can leap pret-t-ee durn high. I feel sorry for my short-legged friends. This ain't no time to be a dachsund! I mean - look at this mess! There's a swing under here somewhere...And when they opened the garage door, this was waitin' there.Poor AJ - he hates winter. Gonna be slingin' snow til Valentine's day, poor guy. But look at this - he made a path out to the yard for me (not that I plan to use it, but don't tell him). Two laps thru those drifts & I was done for the day. Time for a rawhide chewy on my favorite pillow! Y'all keep safe out there.

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