Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Rambling

It was a sunny-snowy day & things are starting to melt.Although, probably not as fast as we would like. But remember - Valentine's Day is not far off. I *heart* ValDay because it's a shot of C O L O R as we round the final lap of winter.Hope you're not tired of my Blu pix. I took these today & had to post them. I love this top one. He's been very funny this week. I think the snow really baffles him. He stands at the edge of the patio and does this bark/howl routine. It goes "RrRrRr (pause) Rr" Then over to the other side, repeat. Then he throws his head back & howls. We think it's hysterical, although at 6am, our neighbors are probably not laughing.He also walks out in the yard & just stands there, like "what is this and why is it still here?"

Al thew an icicle out there & it plopped in front of Blu. If you know Afghan hounds, you'll understand this look. It says "really? he expects me to retrieve that?"

If I take this off the front door, maybe it'll warm up. I think it might be some kind of snow-talisman. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

i really like the last pic of BLU.