Friday, February 18, 2011


Mindstreaming over the last couple of days.I'm having a hard time finding my own creative style. I suppose it would help if I picked one or two things and mastered them. My interests may be a lit-tle tooo broad?

I'm definately all for being a good steward of the planet God has given us. But here's a thought: As yesterday's dinosaurs became today's fossil fuel....maybe today's landfills will be tomorrow's energy source. Just a thought. You know, after a couple million years of compression, who knows what all that plastic & styrofoam will turn into? Just sayin'.

About two weeks ago, we watched the entire Godfather trilogy again (over the course of a few days). What great movies! So intensely tragic. For the first time, I cried at the end of #3. It just got me this time, the whole terrible scope of Michael Corleone's life, the decisions he made, the consequences to himself and those he loved. Tragic, tragic.

I read that my favorite author, Susan Howatch, isn't writing anymore. Bummer! So I've gone back to her first major novel, which I read in high school, and started reading them all over again. They're period novels, over 500 pages, nice & long. Usually the story is told from 4 or 5 character viewpoints. Penmarric, The Rich Are Different, Sins of the Fathers, The Wheel of Fortune, then the Starbridge series and The St. Benet's Trilogies. Great reading. One of my favorite memories is a summer spent by the pool re-reading the Starbridge series while my son & his little friends played.
There are only 2 other authors whose books I've read more than twice: Tolkein, of course. And Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow and Children of God.

It's hard to blog and watch The Young & Restless at the same time.

I'm loving the new "V"! I enjoyed the original series & love how they brought back Jane Badler as the mother of the new V-leader.

People seem to proudly wear their fat nowdays. Tight clothes & anything goes. Has anyone else noticed this?

I'm tired of taking care of my skin. I did a good job these past many decades. Wonder if I can slide thru the rest? And what is up with products to make you look young modeled by 17 year olds? That's not even fair!

I wrote this over the last couple days. Actually I'm feeling better today. Last week had a funk hanging over it and I can't even blame the weather. It was warm & sunny. Yesterday I was listening to U2 while running errands and Moment of Surrender came on.

" body's now a begging bowl; it's begging to get my heart / to the rhythm of my soul / to the rhythm of my unconsciouness / to the rhythm that yearns / to be released from control..."

I just need to remember Who my Anchor is.


"Create Beauty" said...

Hi there!
Oh yes, our Anchor, how we need Him! Enjoyed your rants. Could relate : )

~ Violet

Sammie said...

I enjoy your blog very much.Your photos are so beautiful. I wrote down your list of authors and books. I am always looking for a good book to get lost in. I will let you know what I think. I am making a trip to the book store tomorrow!

Sammie said...

P.S. Bob and I love the series, "V". We DVR it every week.