Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Trippin' in the Ozarks

So last night, hubby said, "let's get out of town for a day...just drive over to Arkansas!" And so, we got up early, got a Starbucks for the road and enjoyed a cool morning drive, ending up in...

Van Buren, AK is an old little town that's reinvented itself as quaint. It has a colorful street of turn-of-the-century buildings that have been cleaned up, (for the most part) painted and repurposed into artsy little shops and cafes.

I wasn't in the mood to shop but happy for the opportunity to take pictures.

 Don't you think of the Old West when you see this bank?

I can't imagine what this bank (below) was thinking when they designed their building. Seems like it would have been a tad outrageous for it's time.

Nope, not a real owl.

Probably his job is to scare away the pigeons. Clearly, the birds are on to him.

The weather was so nice today after weeks & weeks of desert-like heat. A pleasant time of day-trippin'. I have a couple more pictures for next post. Check back!

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