Saturday, August 4, 2012


Last evening, I saw a gorgeous sunset...and didn't have the camera with me. My son always says "a photographer should always have her camera with her!!" And he is right. Hubby & I went out tonight to find a spot where we might catch an incredible sunset amidst the smoky skies.

We crossed the river heading west and I got a lucky shot of a rain curtain behind ORU. I say "lucky" because there's no place to stop and hubby does not drive slow. This was definately "point & shoot." Do you wonder what those puddles are? It's the Arkansas River. So sad.  {just now as I type this, it's raining!}

It's so hard to find a hilltop with an uncluttered view of the sunset. Grrr! I need to stake out a place in advance and be ready next time.

Don't let this bit of greenery fool you. When you walk on the lawn around here, the grass crunches.

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