Saturday, August 25, 2012

Evening Ride

We've finally had a break in the weather. With a rainy weekend being forecast, we took an evening ride last night. Never let it be said I'm a slow learner....this time I brought the camera - just in case!
OK, so no spectacular sunset was happening. But still, cool looking sky.
I just snapped pix of things as we passed by or just random shots. Sort of a drive-by documentation of an August evening ride. Pictures will obviously get a little darker as we go on.

This is a view of downtown Tulsa from the I-44 bridge. As you can see, we really need the coming rain.

Heading south on Riverside now. There's a small airport nearby.

Can't stop here. Wouldn't look good, you know.

Everyday things make interesting pictures, I think.

Guess where we stopped for a little treat? :)
And just for fun, I did some photoshopping on the skyline picture. Love that software for taking a not-so-great picture and making it artsy!

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