Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday Thru the Lens: Doppler

I think Dopplers are interesting structures. After seeing the movie, Tornado, many years ago and living in tornado country, I started noticing them. It was always a bit exciting to discover one of these giant golf balls rising up from the landscape. On my last Saturday drive, when I thought I was going to come home with an empty SD card, I saw one and quickly pulled over. Never been this close to one!

All alone on this country road, I heard all kinds of sounds - insects, frogs. I think there might've been frogs inside this ... hole. Can't you imagine that creepy clown popping out?

Across the road, a huge old tree splayed its branches in a graceful shape. It hadn't started blooming and color-wise, it's just a blah picture, so I played with some effects to draw attention to the branches.
Since this photo-trek it's a lot greener around here. The temps are still going up and down, but spring has officially arrived!

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