Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Thru the Lens: Easter Egg Hunt

This morning our ministry held a pancake breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt. Normally on a Saturday morning, we have between 25-50 people who come for breakfast, Bible study and to receive a food box. This morning, our volunteers served 214 people, twice what we expected. But there was plenty for everyone.

Over spring break, a youth missions team from Texas came to help at the ministry. One of their tasks was to assemble 200 Easter baskets to be given to the kids who would come this morning.

They also filled several hundred plastic eggs.

Some of the parents said their kids had never been to an egg hunt. Hyped up on pancake syrup, orange juice and excited anticipation, the kids were still well behaved during the mad race for eggs.

It was amazing how those little egg scavengers cleaned the lawn in, probably less than 5 minutes!

Our friend, Capt. Dennis, brought his planes and let the children operate the controls. That was a big hit, too.

The weather was a bit chilly, but the ground was dry & the sky was clear. Everyone had a great time and many families were blessed.  I asked one little boy if he knew what Easter was about. He was shy and didn't answer, so his Dad said "It's Jesus' birthday." I hope Dad doesn't try to help with homework.

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